Monday, February 27, 2017

My Sisters, I Want You To Grow Old

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It's a subject I've talked about twice in the over 10K posts on the blog, and the deaths of two thirtysomething Black trans women just days apart from each other has me thinking about it again.

Growing old and celebrating birthdays  beyond your 35th one as a Black trans feminine person..

We've heard that statistic about the average age of a Black trans person being age 35, and much of it has to do with the unacceptable levels of anti-trans violence aimed at us.

While there are some things that we can do on our end to help ensure we reach advanced birthdays, much of the heavy lifting in this case is going to have to be done by our society.

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It is past time for people to stop attacking the humanity and existence of trans people.   We're not going anywhere, so y'all need to get over it.   Our trans lives are not subject to political or theological debate.

We exist.  Deal with it.  We are part of the diverse mosaic of human life.

That means that it's not acceptable behavior for you as a cis male to hurt maim or kill us if you happen to find out that the attractive woman that you got a hard on for in the club or as she was minding her own damned business and going about her day is transgender.   .

It also means cis women, that it is not acceptable behavior,just because you are jealous of that trans woman who is getting more male attention than you, to set her up for a hate crime by shadily whispering 'that's a man' in some brother's ear.

My sisters, I want you to know what it's like to be my age, Tracie Jada O'Brien's, Justina Williams', Gloria Allen's or Miss Major's age.   I would love to see some of y'all with gray hair. or how fab you will look when you hit 35, 40 or 50.   I want to see how your fab trans lives evolve,   I can't be a mentor to you if I don't have you around to pass down your history and some of my life experiences was done for me by my trans elders

I want my Black trans sisters to be able to age gracefully, have and experience the amazing lives I know they are capable of having.

I want to see you grow old.   Is that too much to ask for, society?    

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The 2017 Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Award Winners Are..

It's that time again TransGriot readers!

The weekly TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards are one of the more popular features on my now 11 year old blog, and since 2010, I have been on Oscar Night handing out an SUF Lifetime Achievement award to the person, persons or group of people who have just made it their mission in life to show the world just how stupid, clueless and arrogantly ignorant they are.

In 2011, I expanded it to five people every year.  Last year, in honor of TransGriot's tenth anniversary, I named ten honorees, and due to the explosion of fools, it'll be at ten honorees for the foreseeable future.

Enough jibber jabber, let's get to the business of adding another group of fools for their lifetime achievements in coonery, buffoonery and WTF level hypocrisy. .

And the members of the Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards Class of 2017 are...

The envelope please..

The SUF Class of  2017 is

Donald Trump
Jeffrey Lord
Carl Paladino
Kellyanne Conway
a group award for the Bernie or Busters

Milo Yiannopoulos

Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick
Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Pat McCrory  

Jill Stein
Richard Spencer 

All Trans MSNBC Panel Discusses Trans Rights Under Trump

Photo published for Transgender rights under fire in Trump era
Here's something interesting that occurred during Saturday's edition of AM Joy that was guest hosted by Jonathan Capehart  An all trans panel discussing trans issues

For those of you who missed it,  here's Chase Strangio, Mara Keisling and J Mase III discussing trans rights in the Trump era

BTWI Statement Concerning The Gibson Murder

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TransGriot Note:  The Black Transwomen, Inc statement concerning the murder of Chyna Gibson


February 26, 2017
Contact: Monica Roberts BTWI Media Chair
Carmarion Anderson  BTWI Founding President
855-255-8636  Ext 11

BTWI is horrified to learn that mere days after we have communicated our dismay, shock and anger over the killing of Keke Collier. that we must now discuss the murder of another trans woman

Chyna Gibson had gone home to New Orleans to like thousands of other people, celebrate Mardi Gras and be with her family during that festive time.  

Instead, she was brutally murdered.  Shot ten times and left to die in the parking lot of a New Orleans strip mall.

BTWI would like to express our condolences to Chyna's family, friends and all who loved her.  She was well known in the pageant and ballroom community as Chyna Doll Dupree, and she will be missed.

Rest in power and peace, Chyna

We are also asking that if you have information that will expeditiously solve this murder and lead to the arrest, conviction and incarceration of the person who committed this heinous crime, to please call NOPD Homicide Detective Robert Barrere at 504-658-1111.  You can also call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 or 1-877-903-STOP (7867)

Chyna's trans life that was tragically cut short matters, as did the lives of Keke Collier, Jo Jo Striker, Mesha Caldwell and Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow.   We at BTWI 'are tired of the anti-trans violence and hatred aimed at us and now at our trans kids by the Trump Administration.

We exist.  Our trans lives matter to ourselves and all who love us. BTWI will do our part to fight for the humanity and human rights of Black trans women and our Black trans kids to ensure they live quality lives.


Black Transwomen,  Inc  is a national not for profit organization based in Dallas TX  that is part of the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition,  a social justice alliance of the Black Transmen Inc, Black Transwomen Inc & Black Trans International Pageantry System organizations. BTA is committed to the advancement of black and trans people and the liberation of all disenfranchised people by working collaboratively to help end race and gender inequalities  

Rest In Power and Peace, Chyna Gibson

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
I just wrote a post about trans woman Keke Collier being killed in Chicago earlier this week, and now I'm having to announce that we have lost another trans sister in Chyna Gibson

New Orleans Police responded to a call Saturday night around 8:26 PM CST in the 4300 block of Downman Road and found the body of the 31 year old Gibson lying in the parking lot of the Bella Plaza shopping center in New Orleans East between two vehicles in front of a clothing store.

And as usual, at least one NOLA news station, WWL-TV misgendered her.

She had been shot multiple times and was pronounced dead on the scene.  Gibson is now the fifth US trans woman murdered in 2017, all women of color.

She was well known in the ballroom community as Chyna Doll Dupree, and the New Orleans native had gone home from California to celebrate Mardi Gras.

NOPD Homicide Detective Robert Barrere is in charge of the investigation, and can be reached at 504- 658-1111 if you have any information concerning this murder.

The Orleans Parish coroner will be releasing further details about this case.

What also has me upset about hearing about this latest murder just down I-10 east is that last month a YouTube video surfaced of two cisgender males harassing and hunting trans women in the New Orleans area.

You can also call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 or 1-877-903-STOP  if you have information that will lead to the apprehension of the person or persons who committed this crime.

Rest in power and peace, Chyna.    We will not rest until the person who did this is brought to justice and rotting in a jail cell.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mack Beggs Is The Texas Class 6A State Wrestling Champ!

Image result for Mack Beggs wins wrestling state title
Good luck Mack!.  Hope you leave the area with a historic state title win, and next year the UIL comes to its senses and allows you to wrestle against boys as you wish to do.

And the first part of that statement is exactly what happened.

Mack Beggs is the 2017 Texas Class 6A state wresting champion in his 110 pound weight class after winning his girls championship match 12-1 against Chelsea Sanchez of Katy Morton Ranch HS to cap off an undefeated season.

That's not a typo.   The Texas Class 6A Girls state wrestling champion in his 110 pound weight class.

Image result for Mack Beggs wins wrestling state title
The 'Mack Attack' would have rather done so in the 6A boys division and been on the Trinity HS boys team.   UIL policy forces Texas trans athletes to compete based on the birth certificate gender marker and not their gender presentation.  

They denied the Trinity HS junior his request to compete in the boys division, and the result is the lousy no-win optics for him, his fellow competitors, and the UIL as he rolled through an undefeated 56-0 season to a state title.

Mack is also on testosterone as part of his gender transition, and that was also permissible because Mack was taking it for medical reasons, and his testosterone was below the allowed limit.

The UIL is still trying to defend the indefensible transphobic rules they put in place, and claim there's 'no interest' in changing the rules that allowed this messed up situation to happen in the first place.

Image result for UIL logo
But the UIL needs to join us in the 21st century and base high school athletic competition for Texas trans kids on gender presentation and not their birth certificate.

It's either the UIL come to that realization on their own or have the change forced upon them by legal action.

Hey Media, We Trans Folks Have A Flag - Use It!

Image result for Monica helms trans pride flag
Now that we trans peeps are back in the news again because of the reprehensible actions of the Trump misadministration, one of the things I'm seeing that is starting to annoy me is the media use of the rainbow flag chyron in stories that are specifically about transgender issues.

FYI News Media, even though we will sometimes use the overall LGBTQ community rainbow flag at times, we do have a trans specific flag created by a trans person.  .

That trans pride flag was created by Monica Helms in August 1999, first flown at a Phoenix, AZ  pride parade in 2000, and the original trans pride flag is now in the Smithsonian.  

Image result
It would be nice if you would use that trans pride flag in stories that are predominately about us like the Trump revocation of the Obama Dear Colleague letters .

If you have any questions about what it looks like, here it is.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Mack Beggs' 6A Wrestling Championship Run Highlights UIL's Flawed Trans Athlete Policy

High school athlete Mack Beggs, a transgender boy, competes in a state championship girls wrestling competition, in Cypress, Texas, U.S., February 24, 2017.  Courtesy of Eric Schell/Handout via REUTERS
Mack Beggs is a trans masculine wrestler at Euless Trinity High School in the Dallas-Ft Worth area who is a few matches away from capturing the Texas 6A wrestling title in his 110 pound weight class.

The Texas 6A girls wrestling title.

Is it fair to the cis girls he is competing against in his weight class?  Nope not to them or Beggs, who would rather be competing against the cis boys.  The University Interscholastic League (UIL) the governing body for Texas high school sports and academic competitions, turned down a request made by Beggs and his family for the Trinity HS junior to be allowed to compete against boys.

Image result for Mack Beggs wrestling for a state title
The UIL is still defensive when you point out what's happening.  They say it was an open process that reflected the consensus of thought at the time, even as Texas trans people and others were warning the UIL the jacked up rules they were passing were problematic.

Last year the UIL's school superintendents and athletic directors voted to require that Texas transgender students compete based on the gender on their bir
th certificate instead of gender presentation,

He's in the Houston 'burbs competing in the 6A wrestling state championship meet being held at the Berry Center in Cypress this weekend.  He has successfully gotten through the first day of the 6A wrestling championship with his two opening round wins to go 54-0 on the season

But it's no thanks to the UIL that this awkward situation is taking place at all and Beggs is the favorite to be holding the Class 6A title in his weight class when the tournament ends on Saturday.

Beggs won the Region II 6A title in Allen last week after his opponent Madeline Rocha of Coppell HS forfeited the match.  Rocha still advanced to this weekend's championship matches as the regional runner up.

Nancy Beggs, Mack's grandmother and guardian said to the Dallas Morning News, "Today was not about their students winning.  Today was about bias, hatred and ignorance."

Image result for UIL logo
"Mack is challenging what people thought was a good policy," said Chris Mosier, founder of "This very well may spark change from people just by seeing how the policy was not well thought out and this is the outcome of following the rules exactly as they are."
Texas is one of seven regressive states that requires trans people to compete in high school athletic competition based on the gender marker on your birth certificate instead of the more enlightened NCAA and IOC gender presentation standards.

Lou Weaver, who is the Transgender Programs Coordinator for Equality Texas and was in attendance at today's historic championship  match, points out in a Reuters story that Beggs is in compliance with current UIL rules that need to be changed, "so guys like Mack can wrestle with their peers, which would be on the boys team."

Sure hope so because that's what we trans Texans want to be able to do.  We wish to compete in whatever sport we choose as ourselves, with our peers and without unnecessary drama.

Good luck Mack!.  Hope you leave the area with a historic state title win, and next year the UIL comes to its senses and allows you to wrestle against boys as you wish to do.

George Takei Talks About Trans Rights Rollback

Image result for George takei MSNBC trans rights
I have much love for George Takei, and was happy to see this MSNBC interview that Ali Velshi conducted with him concerning the Trump misadministration attack on our human rights

Takei called trans rights 'fundamental human rights' (which is what they are) that should travel across state lines.  My human rights shouldn't depend on what zip code I live in.

But that's another post.   Here's the Takei interview


Shut Up Fool Awards- It's SUF Lifetime Achievement Awards Weekend!

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Since 2010, I've passed out the Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards during Oscar Weekend to not only call out fools who just have grown beyond the weekly award, but give myself something to do in the years I refuse to watch the Oscars because they have had a severe lack of melanin in their nominations.

This year I'll be tuned in, but the Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards will go on as scheduled Sunday night when I announce the Class  of 2017 winners.

But before we get to Sunday, let's get our usual Friday business out of the way in naming this week's Shut Up Fool weekly award winners.

Honorable mention number one is a group award for the CPAC attendees who were waving Russian flags with Trump on them during his speech to the event today.  

And these are supposed to be the intelligent conservafools.   Lord help us.

honorable mention number two  is Jackie Evancho who after singing at Trump's inauguration, is now shocked that he has yanked the protections for trans kids, and is even more shocked he won't meet with her and her trans feminine sister Juliet.

Really?  When everyone was telling you not to sing at his inauguration and you did so anyway, and now you're shocked that he won't see you after you cave him the propaganda cover he was looking for?

Honorable mention number three is Caitlyn Jenner,  who called out Trump and told him to 'call her' after yanking protections for trans kids.

Now Caitlyn's azz wants to speak up after we told her for months that the GOP she supports doesn't like trans people.  You're going to have the same success getting him to call you that Jackie Evancho is having , none.

Sit your azz down somewhere. 

Honorable mention number four is the Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL), the governing body for Texas HS sports.   They refuse to change their rule that would allow Texas trans high school students to compete based on their gender presentation, and now they have the situation of having a transmasculine student being forced by their rules to wrestle against girls.

He is competing in the Class 6A championships in suburban Houston.

Fix the rules UIL.  Let trans boys compete against trans boys and trans girls compete against trans girls ,

Honorable mention number five is the Trump administration for pick an outrage

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is Tampa Bay Bucs QB Jameis Winston, who opened his mouth and let something stupid fly out of it while speaking to a Tampa area elementary school.

During the 40 minute speech he said that ladies are supposed to be silent, polite and gentle.  That may be the motto for the Stepford Wives in the conservafool ranks, but not during a time in which we need to be speaking truth to power in the fact of an unjust government.

Winston later apologized for the inarticulate remarks, but naw homey, you need to have several sections of seats at Raymond James Stadium and ponder the long proud legacy of African American women who didn't stay silent about things that mattered like  Angela Davis, Coretta Scott King, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Shirley Chisholm, Audre Lorde, Congresswoman Maxine Waters...

Well behaved silent women don't  make history or confront injustice.

So on behalf of all women cis and trans, Jameis Winston, shut up fool!

Sit Your Azz Down, Caitlyn

Image result
After saying during the 2016 campaign that Donald Trump would be 'good on women's issues', expressed the sentiment that she would like to be the trans ambassador for Ted Cruz as he attacked trans people on the GOP presidential primary campaign trail, slammed Hillary Clinton as 'a political hack' and claimed 'the country would be over' if she won, now Caitlyn Jenner is shocked, shocked that after one month of Dear Cheeto Leader's disastrous presidency and supporting him that he would attack trans kids.

Anyone who was paying attention during that campaign and had a brain knew that if we wanted trans rights progress to stay on an upward trajectory, we needed Hillary Clinton to be elected to succeed President Barack Obama on November 8.

Our humanity and human rights as trans people were on the 2016 presidential ballot, and far too many of you peeps were caught up in your 'I hate Hillary' fee fees to see that.   Some of you in Trans World were more concerned about your wallets and loyalty to the Republican Party than thinking about what candidate was best for our community.

Now you're shocked that the Obama administration's DOE/ DOJ trans guidance letter is being revoked by a so-called POTUS with an 'R" behind his name, your clueless behind is calling it a 'disaster' and you're urging Trump to 'call you'

Really?   Now your azz is shaking off the fog of white privilege and seeing what I and a long list of trans folks were trying to tell you in the runup to November 8 that the Republican Party you're a member of is no friend of the trans community, and is chock full of anti-trans legislative bullies and transphobes

Neither is this so-called POTUS a friend of our community, and he proved it Wednesday.  You and every trans person who voted for Trump is a sellout to trans kind and by doing so, you greased the skids for the oppression of our trans kids and our community

Miss Right Wing Thang, you're going to have as much success getting that phone call back from the Trump White House chock full of trans oppressors to talk about trans issues as Jackie Evancho did,

So sit your azz down Caitlyn and have several rows of seats.    .

Just more evidence that co-signs that the post I wrote in December 2015 is still valid.

Laverne on 'Hardball'

Image result for Laverne on Hardball
Guess someone at MSNBC was reading the tweet I put up in the wake of the HBO Milo disaster and yesterday when I said that transpeople needed to be in the studio when discussions were being had by network pundits about the issues that affect us.

I also said that trans people of color also need to be in those studios discussing the issues that affect us as well because being trans is not just a 'white thang' as elements of people in communities of color seem to think. .

So here's Laverne Cox talking to MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Hardball about the Trump revocation of  trans student protections and eloquently stating the case again that this is a human rights issue.


And later on the show, she and Mara Keisling shut down a conservafool

Thursday, February 23, 2017

BTWI Statement About The Collier Murder

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TransGriot Note:  The Black Transwomen, Inc (BTWI) statement about the Collier killing

February 22, 2017
Contact: Monica Roberts BTWI Media Chair
Carmarion Anderson  BTWI Founding President
855-255-8636  Ext 11


Black Transwomen, Inc is saddened to hear the news that we have lost another sister to anti-trans violence.  On Tuesday morning 24 year old Keke Collier was found lying in the street in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood suffering from three gunshot wounds she would subsequently succumb from.

BTWI expresses our condolences to Collier's family and all who loved her for her untimely death

Collier is unfortunately the fourth trans person we have lost to anti trans violence in the United States, and the second this month.    Collier becomes the third African American trans person after 41 year old Mesha Caldwell in Canton, Mississippi and 23 year old Jo Jo Striker in Toledo, Ohio to die this year.

The fourth person we have lost in 2017 to anti-trans violence was 28 year old Native American Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow or Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

BTWI laments the loss of all these women, and are particularly upset and angered about the three women under the age of 30. These women were taken from us before they had a chance to explore the full potential of their lives.

BTWI Board Chair Dee Dee Watters is asking that we have a national moment of silence starting at 9:00 PM CST for five minutes for Keke and all the trans women we have lost in 2017.

BTWI's motto is that Every Voice Matters, and these women's voices were stilled before they had the opportunity to find their voices in society.  We're here to ensure that trans women survive, thrive and become the best persons they can be.  BTWI also exists to send the unmistakable message that our Black Trans Lives Matter.  

BTWI hopes and prays that the perpetrator of this crime is swiftly caught and justice is served in this case.  We urge those of you who may have information that could possibly help expeditiously solve the Collier case to call the Chicago Police Department.


Black Transwomen,  Inc  is a national not for profit organization based in Dallas TX  that is part of the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition,  a social justice alliance of the Black Transmen Inc, Black Transwomen Inc & Black Trans International Pageantry System organizations. BTA is committed to the advancement of black and trans people and the liberation of all disenfranchised people by working collaboratively to help end race and gender inequalities

Rest In Power and Peace Keke Collier

Image result for Keke Collier trans woman Chicago
I'm sad to announce we have lost another young trans woman to anti-trans violence.

The latest trans murder happened in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood on Tuesday, and our sister we lost way too soon is named Keke Collier.

Chicago Police responded to a call of shits fired in the 7300 block of South May Street around 6:14 AM CST and found when they arrived Collier lying in the street suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest, arm  and hand.

The 24 year old Collier was transported to Advocate Christ Hospital where she succumbed to her wounds.   She is now the fourth trans woman in the US, all trans women of color, who has been murdered in 2017.

24-year-old trans woman Keke Collier shot and killed in Chicago
Three of the four trans women who have been murdered this year are Black, and one was Native American.  The thing that is also pissing me off about this murder is that once again, Keke was another under 30 trans woman.

Chicago Police are investigating this crime, and are looking for a dreadlocked man wearing a black hoodie and a red vehicle who was spotted fleeing the scene.   Shasha Lauren, a peer navigator at Chicago House, reportedly talked to a witness who stated they say Collier get into a car with a man   of the

If you have any information that will bring her killer to justice you are asked to call them.

A vigil has already been held for Collier,and if there is word of a memorial service, I will pass it along as soon as I receive it.    I'll also keep track of what happens in this case until justice is served for Keke, her family and all who loved her.

Rest in power and peace, Keke..

Kimberle Crenshaw -The Urgency Of Intersectionality TED Talk

Image result for kimberle crenshaw ted talk
Dr Kimberle Crenshaw is the person who coined the term intersectionality to describe the double bind of race and gender bias and how they can combine to create even more harm for a marginalized community

As she so eloquently puts it, if you're standing in the path of multiple forms of exclusion, you're like to get hit by both.

In this TEDtalk that took place in San Francisco that was published on December 7, she calls for us to speak up for those who are victimized by prejudice.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Road Trip To The ATX

Going to our state capitol of Austin in a few hours, but not for a lobby day.  The Trans Texas Lobby Day is next week on March 6.

Image result for Austin highway signsHeaded to the ATX to handle some business and also take part in a noon panel discussion on Thursday.

So I'm hitting the road, staying in town Wednesday and going to fly back to Houston after my panel discussion is done on Thursday

So for you peeps in the ATX, once I handle the initial business I'm coming up there for and I'm sworn to secrecy about and I get settled in my hotel when I'm done, what's happening?

Would love to chat with some of you ATX area peeps while I'm in the 512 area code.   Wouldn't mind a side trip to Lockhart to get some BBQ either.  

And oh yeah, will be looking for the closest 7 Eleven to my hotel because I'm only one Slurpee purchase away from my next free one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hamburger Mary's Is Opening In Houston This Weekend

Image result for hamburger mary's houston
I've heard about and wanted to go to one of their locations during my travels across this country, but the originals are on the Left Coast, haven't done many events in that part of the country.. and the last two times I was in the Bay Area, didn't have enough time in my tight schedules to check it out.

Was surprised and happy to hear that Hamburger Mary's is expanding, and they will be coming to my Houston home turf.   The Houston location will be right in the middle of the Montrose gayborhood next door to Bayou City on Grant Street.

So what's Hamburger Mary's?   It started in 1972 in San Francisco with the idea to create a friendly beer and burger place, and quickly became popular with the Bay Area TBLGQ community.  A second location opened in Hawaii, and the concept really caught on as franchised locations opened up in Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida and Missouri.

Image result for hamburger mary's Buffy the burger slayer
The Houston location when it officially opens this weekend will be the 16th for the chain.

Hamburger Mary;s is renowned for its quirky names for its burgers like the Proud Mary, Queen Mary and Buffy The Burger Slayer burgers and a dessert item called Mary Tyler S'Mores.  The local outlet will have some Tex-Mex items and fajitas on its menu..

But what it's most renowned for are its drag shows and daily entertainment that start at 8 PM  Wednesday thru Saturday, with additional shows at 11 PM on Thursday and Friday.   The Sunday show times are at noon and 4 PM.  

Wednesdays is the 'Divas' show.  Thursday night is a Latin themed 'Fuego' show, Friday nigh is a variety show, Saturday is the 'Illusions' show, and Sunday is the 'Broadway' show.

Image result for hamburger mary's drag queen bingo

Hamburger Mary's is closed on Monday nights, and Tuesday is reserved for Drag Queen bingo night, that helps raise money for local 501c3 charities.  The Houston Gaymers tonight and the Trans National Alliance on March 14 are just two of the local groups who have already scheduled bingo nights at the new eatery.

Hamburger Mary's Houston is located at 2409 Grant Street in the Montrose gayborhood, and looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to check one out without having to hop on a plane to do so.

Tschan Andrews' TedX Talk

Image result for Tschan Andrews
Tschan Andrews is a former model, activist, writer and former model who in this TedX talk tells her story and experience as a Black trans woman, and how these two facets of her identity intersect.

She is also one of our international trans sisters based in London, and talks about the trans experience from a much needed Black international perspective.   She is willing to use any platform to campaign for the inclusivity,  awareness and human rights for not just that group of the population, but for all. 

This is her TedX talk at University College London that was posted on January 18 entitled 'Transploitation: The Reality of Being A Black Trans Woman'

Mistrial In Zelle Ziona Case

Zella Ziona Dead Transgender
Have some bad news to report in terms of one of our slain sisters receiving justice in Zelle Ziona.

Last month Rico LeBlond went on trial in Montgomery County, MD for the October 2015 murder of 21 year old Zelle Ziona.  He was charged with first degree murder, and was facing life in prison if he was convicted.

But unfortunately, after several days of testimony the jury deadlocked at 10-2 in favor of conviction, Circuit Judge Anne Albright declared a mistrial.

The Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office is planning to retry the case again.

We believe that we will obtain a guilty verdict in the next trial," said Ramon Korniloff, the spokesperson for the attorney's office.

Her trans siblings, Zelle's family and all who loved her hope that is the result of the next trial as well.